Zero-Waste Christmas Wrapping paper


Zero waste wrapping paper.

Designed for the protection of our planet, in the prevention of single-use wrapping paper. This beautiful and thoughtful wrapping paper was also designed by a zero-waste pattern cutter, meaning there was no waste in the production of this wrapping paper. Coming in a Pack of three different sizes, for three different sized gifts.

Local and environmentally friendly linen fabric sourced from the market a few miles away from the fairtrade certificated factory Jacobswell, where this zero-waste wrapping paper was made. The warm greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’  was screen printed also locally at manufacture which uses non-toxic and chemically free dyes. Which is not only protecting the planet from the harmful chemicals from going in the air or water systems but also the people who are working there and living near the factory, from breathing in the chemicals or drinking it in the water.

Wrap your Christmas presents up this year in our beautiful sustainable and circular wrapping paper.  A gift that keeps on giving to the next person who you choose to receive it. Be conscious of where your wrapping paper is ending up this year, be zero-waste with our ethical Christmas wrapping paper

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