Know Your Creator

Lalitha has a lovely sunshine personality and never fails to brighten up any situation!  She joined Jacobs Well in 2014 after completing some basic tailoring training with another organisation.  Determined to be a tailor she tried so very hard to acquire the skills, however Lalitha struggles with some learning difficulties, which made this a bigger challenge. For Lalitha It seemed an impossible task as she found the simplest tasks like sewing on buttons accurately harder than most. Today she is a fully pledged tailor and can hold her head up high, earning a sustainable income that provides support to her immediate family. She made your clothes, and look at that smile.



Sheela is a hardworking and dedicated, working for Jacobswell for three years now. Her role was mainly to help Radha, the pattern cutter. But she showed great enthusiasm and commitment to  learning more skills on the sewing machine. Sheela worked extremely hard in her training now she is part of sewing team. Sheela’s story,  Sheela is a single parent mother whose income supports her whole family. Sheela worked to pay for her sons education to enable job opportunities. Sheela’s son and her son in law are still without work because of Coronavirus.  Her daughter is suffering with a collapsed lung and Sheela suffers with her own health conditions herself, having an operation last November.  She is truly thankful that she has secure employment and a caring family at Jacobswell.  Al the products you buy help women like Sheela to live a hopeful and dignified life.




Kamakshi’s income provides support for her recently widowed mother.  When she first joined the production house she hardly smiled due to the situation at home.  The care for her parents rested on her shoulders.  Although young and very beautiful, the prospects for her future are daunting.  Since joining Jacobs Well, she has grown in confidence, smiles more and recently modelled some of the western designs.









Radha’s income for years supported her parents and her brother’s two children including their education.   Seven of them were living in one very small dwelling which flooded constantly and had no clean water or electricity.   Radha has risen up through the ranks and is now a capable pattern cutter, and part of the management team.  She has recently married and her increased earnings enabled them to move out of their slum dwelling to a house nearer to work, with access to clean water and electricity.




Ruth is married with two lovely young girls but is ignored by her wider family as the boy child is much more favoured.  This means she has no help from her in-laws.  Her income provides stability to the family especially in these unprecedented times.   Fortunately with support from the charity her children are able to attend school.  Ruth travels the furthest to work and despite resistance from her husband, reliably comes because she finds friendship and safety at the production house.