We design for international markets, support ethical brands and products. We provide vocational training, management expertise, financial advice, design skills and consultation in vocational training.

Our services


With twenty years of international experience we can provide direction, resources, professional tailoring programmes, construction manuals and services to those affected by adverse social and economic circumstances.

Product Development

To secure employment, stable incomes and life skills for vulnerable young  people, we offer support with product design and fashion concepts, market research and initiatives to help widen to an international market and increase quality standards.

Business Direction

Providing development programmes in Fashion and Business to help the reintegration of marginalised and excluded peoples back into society, facilitating and supporting tailoring, educational training and business development.

Communication & Strategy

We provide strategies for clients’ brands and designers to support the communication with ethical suppliers, therefore encouraging transparency in the development and awareness of the lives behind the product.

Education & Training

Education and training are the core foundations of our mission. We facilitate educational courses, seminars, workshops, vocational tailoring training and business training, both remotely and in the field. Our aim is to create a positive impact on production standards and life-skills and to transform lives.

Creative Direction

We can provide sustainable fashion design development e.g. from creative concept to branding, research, technical drawings, developing the longevity of products life, design relevancy for the international market, styles, and increasing quality standards.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide ethical training and employment opportunities for those in impoverished conditions, especially vulnerable women, empowering them with the personal and professional skills to overcome socio-economic limitations and inspire community regeneration.

What We Do

FWH Creations provides the funding for intensive courses in tailoring skills, embroidery and pattern making, enabling team members to begin developing any special talents. Our heart is to extend these opportunities in the local community and provide top-quality training for increasing numbers of vulnerable people. By training them to a high standard, they will be ready to start work and become financially independent.

FWH Creations provides the funding for intensive courses in tailoring skills, embroidery and pattern making, during which time team members can begin developing any special talents. Our heart is to extend the opportunities we can offer in the local community and provide top-quality training opportunities for increasing numbers of vulnerable people, equipping them to a high standard ready to start work and become financially independent.

The communities we work with in Bengaluru are multilingual and many of the girls speak three or four South Indian languages in their daily lives. With English being a vital language for further education and modern business in India, we are committed to funding regular English classes for the Trainees, covering written and spoken English, to broaden their future career prospects and life opportunities.

Encourage completion of school exams

The majority of the Trainees left school before completing their vital 10th Standard exams, equivalent to the British GCSE. These exams are essential for progressing on to further studies that would open the door to many more professional opportunities. Several Trainees expressed a desire to complete their 10th Standard studies through evening and weekend classes. So FWH Creations supports them to complete their exams.

Computer Studies

Nowadays computer skills are essential, so FWH Creations provide the funding for computer classes which enables the trainees to use modern equipment. Rhada, one of the girls from the local slum communityy, is now using her own computer purchased by FWH Creations.

Provide Access to Further Education

We are very keen to further education for our Trainees, both in academic and vocational fields, so they can fulfil their own ambitions and desires. A highlight of this commitment so far has been Production Manager Lydia’s success on a Business Entrepreneurship Diploma where she graduated top of the class, winning investment funding for her planned family poultry business. More recently Rhada has successfully been appointed as the production mmanager after she received in-house training in pattern cutting and management.

FWH Creations is committed to the personal and social development of each person in the training programmes and we provide practical and emotional support when times get hard, be it struggles with family relationships or emergency support for healthcare and housing needs. An hour a week is taken out of the busy work schedule to provide an opportunity for the women to share their challenges and encourage each other. As well as using the local facilities for support, professional experts are contacted when help or advice is needed in matters of mental or physical abuse, healthcare or financial management.

We adapt and work with local communities striving for sustainable incomes and long-term employment through education and development of skills. Consequently, through our work and successful development, Jacobswell, the production house in Bengaluru, is now completely independent and fully-owned by the local Indian women employees, which is an incredible achievement!